Friday, December 27, 2013


I think I would love for my children to know real, true, meaningful, lasting love. I think this is very rare. Love that last and is shinning even through the day to day of everything that threatens to dull it. Love that shows you what life means to be lived. Love that makes evertthing you do brighter. Love that lets you know you are really living.

Not short lived love. That one that comes on so strong that it can't last. Not the one that fades before you know it. Not friendship love. I am talking about real, meaningful, love. Love that makes you look at your love and brings the tears. Love that says, I know who you really are. I know what you are about. I know you. Love that allows you to grow with each and every day. Makes your love only days ago feel so...young. Knowing that you love one person, the whole person and everything about them.

It feels as though it took so long to get here, but on the other hand I am so blessed. I know what it is to be loved so deeply. To be kissed each and everyday as though someone is so thankful to know you just for being you. Kissing back because that person makes you who you are. A deep, trusting, and seemingly growing love.

Each and everyday I know. I know I am loved completely. I love back. I know that we will be one of those couples that love forever and completely. We would be nothing without each other. Blessed. It is the only way I can think to describe it. Love songs were written for this kind of love. It sometimes feels as thought the song with go on forever. Feels your whole being with its beautify. Your head, your heart, your being, and makes your love grow. Somehow... I don't know how but it does.

Blessed is what I am. I accept it andc count myself lucky each and every day. I can only hope my children can find such love. Love that is worth living each and every minute for. Love that makes It changes you.Love. Love. One word but it is so different for each of us. Means something different. I hope that you all know such a love at one time in your life and should you find it that it never, ever, leaves you.

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