Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where's Di?

Here I am! Yuba city for work again. This time for two nights. I took a couple of pictures on my way. They are from my cell phone, and I was driving, so they aren't the best. I saw about 40 miles of this. I really cracked up when I saw a billboard for Carl's Jr, 10 more miles. 10 miles? I could find 15 Carl's Jr's within 10 miles at home.

The line at the airport was INSANE. About 30 minutes so I could remove my shoes, my laptop, have all liquids, lotions and inhaler in a bag seperate from my carry ons. So what happens, here you are with one carry on and a purse, Suddenly you are holding eight things. Who can move quickly holding on to all that stuff? That is when someone is going to steal your bags. You have to put SOMETHING down!

The people at my work here are SO nice. We just did some training today and tomorrow there are a few meetings. I am enjoying being alone. No husband, no kids. I miss them, but at the same time it is nice. Especially because I am getting paid for it! I went to dinner and just had my book for company. There was a dad with his little girl next to me. It made me miss the kids, but I called them. They were going out to dinner too.

I will be here tomorrow night too. I am sure I will be missing everyone like crazy tomorrow. We have so many things coming up. This weekend is the Torres Christmas Party. Siobhan's dance is coming up, Crazy busy.

Oh by the way, I wanted to let everyone know not to use Dollar Rent a car. They stink. I waited over an hour for a car because they didn't have any. All I could think about was that Seinfield episode where he told them they knew how to take the reservation they just didn't know how to hold the reservation. I mean, that is what a reservation is for right? There were a lot of people calling their offices and telling secretarys not to book them with Dollar anymore. ( I waited an hour last time too).

I am going to go enjoy being able to watch tv in bed. ta ta

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Marna said...

I loved this post... you're too funny. Relish in the "Carl's Jr. - 10 miles" sign... it's lots of open non-commercial space in Yuba you'll miss once back in hectic O.C.! Who needs 15 Carls'?!
Enjoy your overnight, business woman. And I Promise to not rent from Dollar:)