Saturday, April 19, 2008

where have you been?

I think I have been twittering so much I forgot about my blog. I can only do so much people!

We decided to take Siobhan out of dance. She doesn't feel comfortable where she is at and there is a performance coming up. She is going to start soccer in a couple weeks AND she is in gymnastics. I think it will be okay.

Today Krystal is going with her friend to LA. They are going to take the train, spend the day, eat and shop and come home tonight. We have a galaxy game. They better win!

I feel a little sickness coming on. Everyone at work is sick. My mind shall keep the body healthy!


drama mama said...

Ohhhh...I hope you don't get sick! I am tring to "good thoughts" myself out of it too. Arrggg! If I could only breath!

Cilla said...

Oh no! Did I give it to you too?? Sorry! :(

Julie said...

Don't get sick! Take Airborne or something!

I know you have now turned me into a Twitter addict. You are such a bad influence,*laughing hysterically*

Di said...

Don't bother me, I am twittering. ha ha