Sunday, June 08, 2008

a few things here and there

We had a great day yesterday. Started off with Siobhan's first soccer game. It went well. She actually tried, well.. sort of. She ran a lot! We came home and cooked up some hot dogs and opened Diego's birthday presents and had cake. We attempted to have the little one's take a nap. They didn't, but I sure did! Then we were off to the Galaxy game.

Our game mates, Tammy and Phil brought some cupcakes and a gift for Diego. So sweet! Just before the game ended a fan ran out onto the field and hugged David Beckham. Oh man! (how wonderful THAT must have been), If you ask me, David looked like he could care less. Of course he did have his "body guard" run out. That guy wears a suit. Yeah, he fits in!

Got home and decided we were hungry so out to Carl's.

Diego enjoyed his presents. His Nina called him and left him a message. He was so excited. His Nino called him today. He must have talked for 15 minutes. I said "What did he say?" Diego- "I don't know".

Still fighting this thing. Dr. called and said I have Pneumonia. I am on different medicine now. Here is to hoping they actually work!

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Julie said...

Man, I am so worried about you. I had a sneaky feeling it was heading to Pneumonia.

Sounds like a nice weekend, busy but so nice. Whenever my friends mention the Galaxy I think of you.

Glad that Diego had a nice birthday!

I love Carl's too!