Monday, June 16, 2008

for you gals only

Alright, I am a big girl. I am a big girl with big, um, you know. So anyway, Saturday I find myself with no bra. Don't ask! I throw on a sweatshirt (it is about 85 degrees out) and go to the mall. Usually I can find bra's at Macy's (previously Robinson's May) and sometimes Mervyn's (I don't like that store) for about $40 each. But whatever, what are you going to do? Oh, and there are no cute matching panties to go with that either. You would think with all the people getting breast enlargements, there would be more cute larger bras out there.

I decided to go to Lane Bryant because they were having a sale on clothes. They always cost too much but we had LOTS of time to kill. As soon as I walk in they lady says "Our bras are buy two get two free". Thanks I say. They NEVER have big one's. They might have a DD and that is NOT going to do it, I decided to check it out because after all it IS what I am there for and frankly going without is not for me.

First thing I see is wire free. Oh, yeah, like that is going to do it. I need steel to hold these puppies in place. I look through and they have big one's. They have one's even BIGGER than I need. WOW! So I look at the price, hmm, not too bad. Worth trying out at buy one get one free. I pick out two white, black, and PINK (I have NEVER had a pink bra, not usually worth the pricetag). I paid about $46 dollars for FOUR bras. Can't believe it.

Yeah, but are they going to work. I find a bathroom and put it on. Which also means I can take of the sweatshirt ( I KNOW I look like an idiot). They are SO comfortable. No wire hurting my ribs, not too tight. Almost like a sports bra, BUT they are where they are supposed to be. Actually it looks good. Totatlly impressed.

I am please at the price (even if they weren't on sale, $24 each) and the comfort and the job they do. Ahhh, I can finally have some support AND comfort. Thank you Lane Bryant bras.


Julie said...

You and me sister! I gotta the big one's too and hate buying bra's. I finally learned how to get one that fits right on Oprah.

WOW, that is a great price. I wonder if they are still having that sale??? I need some bra's, more than the two I own.

I always have to get underwire too, if not I will be saggy sally :)

Melissa said...

Okay, so they DO have underwire or they DON'T? Are they Lane Bryant brand or is it called something else? My friend Dawn and I have just had this discussion about not being able to find one that "does the job"! P.S. Now, why exactly did you have NO bra?????????

Di said...

hee hee some secrets must remain, even for friends of some 30 odd years. NO underwire, the brand is cactque or something close to that. I can't read upside down too well. Trust me!

Melissa said...

Okay, I'm on it. I'll let you know how "the girls" like em. :)

drama mama said...

I HATE bra shopping. I have HUGE ones. I rarely can find one big enough. And, when I do, they are ugly "broomhilda" bras. I have ordered the largest size from L.B., and it will sometimes work, if I totally stuff them in. It makes me crazy! There is no way I could go anywhere without a bra. It would look like I had weird growths coming out of my knees! lol lol lol

Melissa said...

P.S. I believe that it has been 35 years. MAN YOU ARE OLD!

Di said...

Melissa- Your old with me!
drama mama, okay there I was with a shirt and a sweatshirt, it was about 90 out too. I am sure I looked stupid! It wasn't by choice!

Melissa said...

Oh yeah. (She says puzzled.) he he