Friday, July 04, 2008

give me some tea please

I left work early yesterday because I didn't feel well. Do you think anyone believed that? Right before the long weekend and suddenly I don't feel well. I think I might have strep throat. I have had problems with my throat since I was a teenager. A LOOONNNNGGGG time ago.

Today is the 4th of July. Quick Happy Birthday to Holly and Andrea whose birthday was yesterday.

Tonight we have a Galaxy game. We have tickets to this one ever year. It makes for a great tradition. We have been doing it for years. They have a HUGE fireworks show right after the game so we get to get that part of it too.

We will be going to Mexico for four days shortly. I can't wait. Sitting by the pool, enjoying the pool bar and pool taco stand. Shopping. Lobster dinner. Oh those handmade flour tortillas! Heaven! This time we got the family room. It is one room with a king bed and an attached room with two queen beds. We haven't been able to get it before because they only have four of them. Usually we just get two rooms, so that will be an extra bonus.

Everyone stay safe!


Punk Rock Mom said...

have fun at the game! What a great tradition!

Julie said...

So excited to hear if Curt Smith does a good job or sucks!

Marty has been in the mood for real tortillas, I try to make some from a mix but nothing compares to real one's from his grandma!

Sorry to hear about your throat, you really have been sick!

Can't wait to hear all about Baja. Funny story L Elizabeth told me the other day " Wouldn't it be funny if they had a bridge you could walk across and go to Mexico." I started laughing and telling her there is something like that. I need to take my kids someday!

Di said...

ha ha that IS funny.