Saturday, September 12, 2009

No more milk please

Did you know there is no test to determine lactose intolerance? Siobhan often complains about her tummy hurting directly after eating cereal most mornings. The other night at Dairy Queen, she was about half way through her earthquake brownie (or something like that) and she was practically crying her belly hurt.

Ah-ha, she must be lactose intolerant. Surely I am a genius as I consider myself practically a doctor anyway. Per her doctor there is no test. You remove dairy for one to two weeks and slowly introduce products (cheese, yogurt, ice cream) and work your way up to milk.

Great. A test would have been easier. My girl LOVES her milk, cheese, mac and cheese, yogurt, all dairy! I am hoping that it will help with her constipation and maybe we can cut down on the (expensive and daily) Miralax.

So, I believe we will start tomorrow. I have to go buy some new milk for her. That stuff is pricey too! Alas, if her belly doesn't hurt it shall all be worth it!


Julie said...

I bet she is, sounds like it. Buy the soy milk from Costco it is way cheaper. Or find someone to buy it for you if you don't shop there.

I would die without cheese!

Di said...

I know, she loves cheese. I love cheese but it doesn't love me! Today is day one. she had eggs and a banana for breakfast. The rest of the day should be easier.