Monday, October 16, 2006

The future of OC

okay, it is just an idea, but maybe not a bad one. Many people who work in Orange County, live elsewhere. More and more in Riverside and Corona. I have a friend at work who travels a hundred miles a day for work. Crazy. The thing is, people can't afford to actually live in Orange County. Close to us they are building lofts that are going for 600,000 and up. Forget a two bedroom, who could afford it. There isn't much room in Orange County to build homes. The Irvine Company just sold the last really big lot of land. So more and more lofts, condos and attached homes are going up. No back yard. Association fees. Priced well over half a million dollars, some in not so great neighborhoods.

What's next? I think people will buy their homes in other counties, Riverside, San Bernardino, LA, and will NOT want to continue to drive so far to work. I think builders will start buying up neighborhoods, tear down the single family homes and rebuild. They will build more and more lofts. People will buy a loft just big enough to stay in Monday through Thursday and then head home to their "house" on the weekend. We will turn into a commuter town. We already have the commuter colleges, why not a whole county.

If you could see it. I mean they are taking a previously small parking lot, and up go some new homes. That is okay. Come buy up our home. With the money we make on our house, we will retire in Mexico.

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