Saturday, October 28, 2006

My new ride

Oh yeah check it out. I woke up last Sunday and told Eric "I think it might be nice to have a bike", He said "Get dressed, let's go". This is what we came home with. It has a working light and electric horn. Eric heard a girl telling her dad "Oh dad look, she is getting THAT one". Beautiful. Siobhan and I have been on about four bike rides since Sunday. We have a park VERY close by so it is a great place to ride. I think we did about four miles last time. Thanks babe! I love it! (I know, I still haven't picked a name yet...)


mackeydoodle said...

Sweet ride!!!
I noticed you don't have a bell!!Come on! You need a bell. A blue one!

Di said...

even better, It is an ELECTRIC BELL. TOO SWEET!

mackeydoodle said...

Electric bell!!!!
How long of an extension cord do you have with that??