Monday, October 09, 2006

Just an idea again

Here is a way for California to make some money. Many of our freeways have carpool lanes (2 or more people in the same care). What if CA charged a fee to use the carpool lane if you aren't a carpool? A sticker kinda like the one used for clean air cars. A fee based on the calendar year and prorated as the year goes on. Let's say the state charges, oh, $8000 a year. It is a lot. Fast track is now charging up to $8.50 each way. Used everyday, each way, that is about $4400 a year. So not everyone could afford it, which is the point. Charge a high fee, give people a similar sticker with the year in LARGE print, they can take the carpool lane. Fees will be used to repair, maintain and create the roadways. Okay, so maybe there are some kinks here and there, but all in all not a bad idea. If it happens, you saw it here!

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