Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beautiful Weekend!

Ah, nice long beautiful weekend! Yesterday (Saturday) Siobhan had dance and then I took her and Diego to the Santa Ana Zoo . It was fun. We rode the train, went through the maze, feed the goats and they made lady bugs out of red rocks! It was fun. The last time we went we signed up for a membership. We often get memberships and don't utilize them. I am bound to use this one. Plus they have a great play area! Siobhan wanted to ride the elephant but I told her she had to wait until Daddy was with us.

Last night Krystal went with her friend out to eat and to the Block for a movie. The rest of us enjoyed some Dairy Queen and watched The Mummy on KDOC TV Endless Classics . Well, Diego fell asleep but the rest of us watched it. Next week is The Mummy's Hand!

Earlier in the day, I woke up from my nap (going to the zoo is hard work, ha ha) and I was looking for Siobhan. She was asleep in her bed. That is so not her. Eric said Diego came out of his room, and he asked Diego "Where is your sister", and Diego told him she was laying down. When she woke up she had a fever. It was 101.4, not too bad, but this kid is never sick. Loaded her with meds and juice, it went down later in the day. She has a little cough but otherwise seems good. There have been kids are her school out for a week or more. Hope she doesn't get whatever that is!

Today I am going to visit my friend Cheryl. She had knee surgery about a week and a half ago. Just going to take her lunch and visit for a bit! I miss seeing her everyday! The younger kids are busy playing outside and the older one's are busy working outside. I am trying to think of something new and fun we can do tomorrow to enjoy the day off. Ah, not only a long weekend but a short work week. Eric is off Friday so he only has to work three days. Lucky dog!

Enjoy the sunshine!


Melissa said...

Somethin is ALWAYS up when mine take a nap all on their own! Hope she is feelin better!

Me said...

I hope she is feeling better now!

I love the SA zoo too. We need to renew our membership.

Julie said...

I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine also, I am glad you had a good time at the zoo.