Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday Party

We went to a birthday party yesterday for a girl in Siobhan's class. They only live about 2 minutes away. They had SO much food. A big jumper (which they didn't get to enjoy too much because it started raining) and karaoke. Oh man, it was funny. I am really glad because I got to meet three of the mom's. They all seem so nice. I talked to one almost the whole time. It made it nice because we were one of the first one's there and the rest of the people were family or friends. So it gave us someone to hang out with! Siobhan took home the biggest gift bag I have ever seen. These were real bags. She had a lot of fun playing with all the girls. I even let her do her nails. One of the hardest things about a new school is you have to meet all new parents. These are girls she will go to school with for at least the next 8 years, so if I can find a few mom's I like, BONUS!


Julie said...

I know it is so important to know the other mom's. I am glad you found some you liked and that were nice. That must be a huge relief

Were these gift bags or swag bags??? Sounds like swag to me, hehe

Melissa said...

What school is she going to now?