Wednesday, November 07, 2012


At urgent care again. Currently in the process of getting another breathing treatment for shortness of breath.

I said I would talk about me. I am slowing forgetting the names of things. Not people or places, I was never good with those. The names of things, like mug, glasses, stuff like that. To be honest it freaks me out. Of course I looked it up and it is thing or can be. It worries me though. The worse part is it usually does not come to me. I have to describe it in detail until someone knows what I mean. I will recognize it once they tell but it isn't "tip on my tongue" thing. I just don't know.

It is a bit freaky. It is happening more often and to be honest I try to cover it up since it does scare me. Am I losing what little mind I have?!

Anyway there is something I doubt you knew. Still sitting here literally blowing smoke (see above). Hopefully this treatment helps me because frankly my lungs hurt!


Julie Timms said...

I always thought that was just what made you well you. Some people aren't good at things like that. That is scary though and I am sure it scares you too. Hopefully it is just part of being your age.

Stephanie said...

That would scare me too. I hope the breathing treatment helped!