Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tonight's dinner

What a wonderfully beautiful day. We laid around and enjoyed the cool morning today.

Diego had a soccer game at 2:30 where he scored two goals (one while playing a Fullback) and he received player of the game!

After that a couple of stops and then Siobhan and I went to the library and another store. I am supposed to be keeping track of the books I read on but I forgot all the time to mark them down.

Decided to make stuffed bell peppers for dinner. They were pretty good! Diego helped by doing so much. He will be able to make things on his own before you know it. I also decided to make some pico de gallo. This store I go to, Buy Low, is so cheap. Albertson's charged one dollar per bell pepper. Buy Low was, I think, 2 pounds for 1.29. Here are some other prices: 2 pounds tomatoes 1.29 5 pounds yellow onions 1.29 6 cilantro a dollar or so Things are so cheap there. I love going just to see what they have. Tonight, the snack will be amazing!

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