Sunday, August 06, 2006

Get this

We have embarked on a new home project. See, the thing is, Eric and I usually would rather pay someone to do it then do it ourselves. My husband is REALLY handy, he can do many things around here, he just chooses not to. Nothing wrong with that. He works a lot, so I am all for not having him do anything extra. Me, well I have lived in so many houses, he couldn't believe I didn't know how to do anything. I had never even painted before we moved here. He wonders how we could have moved so many times and I did nothing. Now he understands, my parents did everything.

So, we decided to take the white (we HATE white) paint off the kitchen cupboards. I thought, oh no, what is this going to be like. We got some good paint remover that can be used in the house. It is SUPPOSED to smell like orange. So I did some last Sunday. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I did on side Sunday and started on another Monday. Yesterday and today the kids are getting started on it. I think Bradley enjoys it, Krystal just does it.

We have to keep the little one's out because there is still some on there no matter how hard you try to get it all off. That is not so easy, Diego doesn't really understand, but all in all it is going well. A few more weeks and I think we will be able to stain it. I can't believe the difference already. Those of you who have been to our home know that there are colors everywhere. I am surprised we have tolerated the white this long. Ah, it will so nice.. I will post a photo when we finish.

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