Sunday, August 20, 2006

Not a hunderd percent

Haven't been feeling too hot. Throat hurts a bit, neck, headache. I don't mind feeling this way during the week but why the weekend? I wanted to go see my new nephew but I will not go over there if I am sick. Don't want that sweet baby getting sick too. We have a galaxy game today. Trying to get my energy up for it. Diego has been a bit off too. I think he might not be feeling to well either.

Kids start school in a couple of weeks. I hope it starts to cool down some. Although I am THANKFUL for my A/C, I wouldn't mind having a lower electric bill. Not to mention, I love sweater weather. Nothing like that brisk air. Ahhh, soon.

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Marna said...

Just come up here for a break, weather is perfect, you'd be thrilled!