Saturday, August 12, 2006

We're home again

Ah, we are back. What a great time we had. We arrived about 1pm on Tuesday. We an extra room for only an additional $40 for the three nights. That was great. Krystal, Bradley and Siobhan were in one, while Eric, Diego and I were in the other. Siobhan actually put her head under the water. She was jumping in the water and acting like she had always been swimming. We couldn't believe it. That night we enjoyed a lobster dinner, which included soup, rice, beans, homemade tortillas, guacamole, and 7 and half lobsters. Oh and four sodas and three margaritas for $45 bucks. hee hee Can you believe it?

Wednesday, Siobhan got her hair braided and played with her friend, Maura all day. They swam for hours. Eric and I enjoyed some drinks by the pool of course. We ate at a taco stand by the road, yummy.

Thursday we spent some time in Ensanada. We had breakfast there and did a tiny bit of shopping. Not enough though. We ate at the same tack stand on the way back. Great tortas. Oh yeah. We got back in time to enjoy a few drinks while the kids swam. We met some wonderful people while out by the pool. They had two children (ages 2 and 5) so the little girl, Clarissa (5) and Siobhan played a little bit in the pool. We got along really well with their parents. We talked for a while and exchanged e-mails. We went to our room for a little bit and the little one's were hungry again. Krystal and Bradley went next door to "Lobster Village" to do some shopping and we took the little one's to the restaurant. Who do we see? The couple we exchanged e-mails with earlier. How wonderful. We talked for about an hour. WE really like them. They about an hour from us.

Friday morning, the kids went swimming while we packed up. We headed out for the border thinking it shouldn't be too bad on a Friday around 12. YEAH RIGHT! They had the border closed. They want you to go out at Otay. NO way, We always get lost. So we went through town and tried to get to the border, no luck. We ended up heading BACK to Rosarito, finally found a turn around and luckily they had it open when we got there. I don't know how long it took to get out, it didn't seem too long. We bought Diego a desk with Spider-man on it. Now he has his own and doesn't have to share Siobhan's Princess Desk. We thought he was too little for one, but no.

The trip had some amazing times. Some things that we had never experienced before. It was nice to be there for three nights since usually we only go for one, which doesn't leave time to really just enjoy being there. As my blog is named: Baja is where I wanna be.

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andrea said...

What a GREAT trip!! Sounds heavenly. Pictures, please!