Friday, January 30, 2009

Siobhan singing at her school talent show



Anonymous said...

OK shy girl! Why didnt you go up front to get the close up? I have seen you move forward in a crowd to put $$$ in a G-string at Chipendales why so shy now????
I have always wondered if anyone would get my singing talent, my kids did but I had no idea that a second cousin would get it too! She was amazing! American Idol 2016? Watcha!

Nan said...

Wow .That is so cool.She can really sing!
Good job Siobhan.
By the way...Could you please tell her " Happy Birthday!!! "
from nan

Di said...

1. We didn't get closer because of all the kid who were freaking out and leaving so we didn't want to add stress. Besides dollars in a g-string is quite a different situation don't you think?

2. Nan of course we will. Miss you and LOVE your photo!

Mexipino Gurl said...

Holy MOLY! SHE CAN SING! Go Siobhan!!

Watch out girls! This is the first ROCKSTAR in the family!!!

Melissa said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Does she take voice?

Anonymous said...

That was so beautiful!

Julie said...

I just watched it with the kids, they were really impressed. She did a great job!

mackey said...

Awwww what an angels voice!!!!