Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The weekend was kinda nice. Didn't feel so hot Saturday and found out some crapy news but it was nice being home together. My brother stopped by and we finally exchanged our Christmas gifts. The pile of those gifts left is finally getting smaller.

Sunday's school mass was fun and there were TONS of doughnuts. Eric bought a brick on the school wall (more info later). I met DramaMama for the first time (photo later) so it was a good day.

Yesterdays Open House was good. We got there early so we had the teacher to ourselves for about 20 minutes. Siobhan didn't go too crazy, or rather we didn't let her, at the book fair. She got a poster for her room (too cute)! I bought the book Twilight on Julie's and PunkRockMom's reviews. I have to finish my library books first though.

Tonight, school spaghetti dinner and, oh yes, BINGO!


Punk Rock Mom said...

im excited to hear how you like the books!

Julie said...

You will love Twilight( or I hope you will love it)

I will email you about the other!