Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is just the beginning

Today marks a new day for Americans. I think our new President will turn things around. Even if you are one of the fewer Republicans that didn't vote for him and don't believe he will make thinks different. I hope you can not disagree that the last eight years have not been good. We are not currently in a good spot. There is almost no where else to go but up.

My heart is eager to see what can happen. Oh it will take a long time. It took EIGHT years to get here, don't expect things to make a complete u-turn.

Regardless of what you think, today is a day of celebration.

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Erica Hanks said...

I will support Obama. Because he is now the President and that is what we're supposed to do. Unlike what people did with Bush. It's not like he made bad decisions all on his own, but he sure ended up being the scapegoat. I think it was so disrespectful how he was treated.

Anyway. Obama. Yay.

(You know I love ya!) :)