Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Miss F*&^ing Sunshine

Last weekend we watched Little Miss Sunshine. That was a really cute movie. Remember the part where the horn keeping beeping on its own? That was so funny. Eric and I were cracking up.

Last night K and I went to Albertson's for some cupcake stuff. When we were leaving there was a loud honking, two times. K said "Was that you?" I said no, I bet it was that guys alarm. We had a whole conversation on how annoying it would be to live near someone with such a loud alarm.

About half way home, my horn went mmppbbeepp. Oh crap. You have GOT to be kidding me! I said I am little miss bleeping sunshine. This can not be happening. We pulled into the driveway, mrrbeep. crap!

I can't believe it. My car was in the shop two different times in the last week. A Eurovan is NOT cheap to repair. I guess at least I don't have a dead grandpa in the trunk.


Erica Hanks said...

So funny! Now...if mine starts beeping....

Julie said...

That movie cracked me up! Sorry to hear about the van, I know you have been pouring money into it lately.

word Feildl: I feildl my nails this weekend.

Nan said...

Your punch line was great haha .I like that movie too
I so happy the gift is arrived finally. I thought they sent it to the wrong house or something like that.