Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dinner last night

Oh man, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Haveli's. If you live or work around Tustin, CA you should check it out. We have followed the owner from his last place. The food is amazing. So many flavors. It isn't cheap and it isn't fast, but what good food is. It isn't expensive either, and oh so worth every dollar.

They have a buffet too. There you could try all kinds of yummies and really get to know how wonderful the food is. Eric and I decided to bring a menu home so we can mark off all the foods we have tried. Hey, maybe we will see you there. (psst, the weekday lunch buffet is perfect to replace a boring regular lunch!)


Eric Jasso said...

My gorgeous Wife left out a few details. Haveli is Indian food, and the owners are Sonu and Reina. Both are wonderful people...they even have a photo of Radica (their daughter) and our Siobhan on their TV at home.

Sonu is a brilliant much indian food is either or...either too hot or too bland. Sonu weaves the tastes and textures of India all together for a brilliant dining experience. Everytime we go there, someone takes a bite and is transported to epicurean nirvana.

Di, the Kids and I have eaten half the menu at Haveli...but we decided to add a bowl of Mulligatawny stew to our Saturday order to share since we have never tried it.

Oh. My. God. It was brilliant. Lentils, chicken...wonderful. Krystal ordered a nice Masala tea as well...and mango lassi.

Everytime we visit Haveli we come home happy...visit with us!

Marna said...

Epicurean nirvana?? Oh my gosh, I had no idea Mr.Eric was such a writer. Or, for that matter -- come on Eric... how about trying out for the new footnetwork show? I love Rachael, but I think it's your turn!!