Saturday, July 22, 2006


It is supposed to be 102 in Anaheim today. What is THAT all about? Last year we hardly used the AC. Now, we hardly turn it off. I just want to say a quick thanks to Anaheim Electric. Southern California Edison is hiking up EVERYONE's rates. They are basing it on a tier of using, up to 200%. (What they should be doing is thanking Gray Davis for signing up YEARS AGO for low rates for electricity). Luckily Anaheim has it owns electricity (thank you Disneyland!) so we are okay. Not to say we aren't paying for using the AC but a few months of high bills are worth it. I CAN'T deal with heat. I know, I know, then why do I live in So. Cal? Because usually it is PERFECT here. There usually aren't extremes one way or the other.

I gotta say, I think old Earth is trying to tell us something. We gotta take care of her if she is going to take care of us.

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Eric Jasso said...

True, wife of mine. It's kinda ironic that Governer Arnold is reaping the benefits of one of the last of Davis' energy deals. Energy will be plentiful and cheap for at least two more years.

Oh...and yes; we are already paying the price for Mother Earth being PISSED off. And no, i'm not a tree-hugging hippie...i'm a realist.