Sunday, September 10, 2006

busy busy

We have all been to the eye doctor (minus Diego) and gotten our glasses. Siobhan can't wait to get hers. They should be here on Tuesday. How long do you think it will be before she hate wearing them? A week, two weeks?

Siobhan started her Flamenco and ballet classes yesterday. So cute! I thought for sure she would be out of it when she finished after TWO hours of dance.

We watched UCLA beat Rice last night. We will be heading out to a LA Galaxy game later.

The kids have had all doctor appointments needed. Bradley has an appointment Tuesday about 8am for a dermatologist, then I only have to worry about dentist appointments.

I need to take my car in. Sometimes it does not want to go into gear when I turn it on.

We have to decide if we need a new dryer or not. It is currently taking about 2/3 cycles to get the closes dry. It gets warm. The kids are going to check the the lint duct and see if there is something stuck somewhere. I would hate to buy a new one only to find out it wasn't the dryer in the first place!

The kids have actually spent some time over the weekend on homework. WOW. Without being told even. I wonder if this has anything to do with having to have A's to go to MacWorld in Jan .

This is the last week at old building at work. A week from tomorrow we will have completed the move. I will then be only minutes away from work. I could actually come home for lunch should I ever decide to do such a thing!


Eric Jasso said...

Uh, no...only ONE of our Kids did homework without being told. And on a SUNDAY no less! Here is the proof:

Sunshine said...

only minutes away from work!
Wow, that is wonderful!