Wednesday, September 27, 2006

hold on to your...gulp, wallets

Alright! Here is a picture of our new 42 inch plasma tv.

I came home one day to find our tv was dead. I mean, line across the screen dead. We shopped around. We bought a 32 LCD. It was nice but we decided that the beautiful 42 plasma WOULD fit in our small living room. We packaged up the 32, paid THE difference and it is home. We turn it on and enjoy the show in the picture, La Fea mas Bella.

For some reason, who knows why, Eric decides to plug in our old, dead TV. WOW, Resurrection! It works! Here we are with this beautiful new TV, amazing. I said "We could take it back". Yeah right, like that is going to happen! We are waiting for some poor soul who needs a TV to come along.

No matter, I enjoy seeing "Fernando" (pictured above) practically life size. I mean, uh, what I meant to say was "UCLA football looks great on our new TV", really babe, that is what I meant.

(I would like to add that unlike most American households, we only have one tv. Of course now we have two but the old one isn't plugged in. Who needs TV when everyone has thier own computers!)

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