Saturday, September 30, 2006


Once again we woke up to the pipe busted in the kids bathroom and water all over the floor. This is the fourth water incident we have had altogether. I want to say an additional THANKS that we have tile throughout the house. Clean up is sooo easy.

Eric woke up to the noise. The water heater is in the garage next to our room so you can hear the water better from our room. Thank goodness since this is the second time he has woken up. So Eric and Krystal head out to the Home Depot for the part. They come back and somehow picked up the wrong one, back they go. All the water is cleaned up. Siobhan is ready for dance. I need a shower. They come back and Krystal fixes it lickty split! I am in the shower and we are out of the house in 15 minutes.

Siobhan's dance studio is non profit so we are selling candy for a fund raiser. I offered to take a few boxes. I DO work in a building with 70+ women. Chocolate is an EASY sell. She might have more next week. I could keep her in business selling just candy. hee hee

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Marna said...

So, I know I'm not in the amusing CHS office any longer... BUT, do they want to sell to any customers in the bay area for Siobhan's class?? I'm serious:) !! I'll buy a whole box:)