Monday, September 11, 2006

four more

Today as I was passing the local high school on my way to work. I was cursing all the parents driving by. Parents making U-turns from the curb. Parents stopping in the middle of the street to let their lazy ass kids out. Parents who are going to allow their children to drive soon, when they themselves can not follow the simplest of driving rules. Do you think there is a policeman anywhere? A million tickets to give out, not to mention jay walking and not a policeman in site.

Driving home from work. I am getting on the freeway and there are those jerks turning right from the middle lane (not allowed there!). Driving me nuts. Does anyone follow the rules? What is so dang hard about following the rules? Alright, I speed on occasion (like when I am in the car) but that is about it.

So anyway, there I am ready to run into one of those stupid parents who couldn't bother to pull ALL the way over to the curb, when I think... I only have to do this 5 more days. No wait, today is now, so FOUR more days.

Once my office moves, no more going past the local high school. No more freeway. In face I could avoid students altogether. Schools start about 7:55 and I do not have to be to work until 8:30. Since I will not have to face the fwy and again will only be a few miles from work, I needn't worry about leaving early.

Oh yeah. All you parents who can't drop your children off properly or safely, you won't be seeing me honking at you much longer. Oh no, you shall not be seeing me!

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David Girard said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! I get so pissed off when those darned cows decide to stop rught in the middle of the road! I mean if you want to drop off your calf how's about moving to the shoulder! And I agree with you! Where the heck is that farmer to bust em?