Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple iPhone

Okay, even if you saw the news, you have to check out the new iPhone. I have included the link. Make sure you click on the different objects on the top right of the screen once you have viewed everything on this page. This phone is way more then a phone or an iPod. I totally want one. Amazing. I am so glad we own Apple stock!

Okay click me, click me!


nan said...

Hi Diane!
I've sent you something from Thailand .Hopefully it will be there soon
Oh Did I tell you that my dad just bought me an ipod.I still have to learn how to use it. I have downloaded tons of things on itune.pretty cool :)
I've just seen the news about this iphone today.I think It will be available in Asia in 2008 .It's a year delay I think.
By the way,has anyone tag you (blog tag).I've heard that now it's spread like a wildfire.
Still miss you as always

Mary said...

I really want one of these, but we have t-mobile. Boo. Well and an ipod too, so whatever ;)

In fact we re-upped our contract today because Tom's phone crapped out. So now we both have razr's. yipee.