Sunday, January 14, 2007


Stolen from Eric's Flickr page, this is a ring of ice in our fountain from last night. It was taken at about 10am this morning. We are actually wearing sweatshirts. I have found myself saying "I'm cold" quite a few times. I am never cold!


mackeydoodle said...

Phbst! don't know cold. We had another cold spell last week. Try -30*C That translates to around -22*F

Marna said...

The lady with the first comment wins! We have been hovering at 23 F in the evenings, which is Antarctica compared to So Cal. Keep those darling children warm:)

andrea said...

Crimony, is that your backyard? You have so much space!! I'm jealous. I want to come play in your yard. : )

This cold weather is nuts! Wasn't it 82 degrees just a week ago? I hate the cold weather -- not so much outside, but inside because we have to run our heater at night and I get SO congested I can't breathe!!

I am still awaiting your commentary on the Beckham thing. (You guys are the Galaxy fans, right?)