Thursday, January 18, 2007

I am ready to kick some grass

Okay, Andrea. I was trying to hold it in but you asked for it!

As you all probably know, Beckham has joined the LA Galaxy. What does that mean to you? Probably nothing. What does it mean to people around here? Those that have NO interest whatsoever in soccer will be flooding to the soccer games JUST to see Beckham. People who have probably never even watched a game on TV. What does that mean for me? Okay let me tell you.

It means, I probably won't get my seats. You see, we have had season tickets to the Galaxy for about four years now. We enjoy the Galaxy games as a family. When Nan (our exchange student from Thailand was here, we took her too!). We never miss a game. Our seats are great. We have gotten to know the people who sit behind us. We talk to the people in front of us. I LOVE my seats. My seats have "suddenly" gotten more expensive. Okay, we expected that. We already talked about how much more we would pay and how important it is to us. In a season, there are roughly 20 home games. We get the half season, one- some of the games are during the week and we can't make it there in time, and two- we get 5 seats, a full season is too much money.

So, big deal you say. So you have to pay more. pfftt, of course, it is Beckham. He is a great soccer player, he is hot and well, they are paying him all that money, they have to get it back somehow. Well, the problem is this. They are selling LOTS of season tickets. They sold something like 2500 that first day it was announced. Hmm, so guess what. They probably will not offer the half season. The ticket guy says, "Well, why not get a full season, it is Beckham after all". Oh, okay. Well hell, it is Beckham, so I guess that means I don't have to worry about how much money I spend. I mean, hmm, 5 seats, about $2500. A bit more than we were thinking.

I am just bummed. I mean we have been there through good and bad. We were there before they won the cup. We were there supporting them. Yelling! And now, we have been forgotten. It is supposed to be a family thing. They have done away with the "children" tickets (which were only a few dollars cheaper anyway) and now there might not be a half season. Well, aren't we screwed. The Galaxy was our outings. We go to Mexico and we go to Galaxy games. We have a cousin who WILL NOT invite us over for the 4th of July because we never go, we are always at a Galaxy game. Every year!

Beckham, I am glad you are coming. I think it will be a great thing if you bring more people into the joy of soccer. I am sure it will happen. But I am oh so sad for those of us who can't quite afford you.


nan said...

Do you mean Beckham ---David Beckham ,a husband of Victoria
Wow! That's really cool!
Send me a ticket and I'll be there!

Di said...

Hey, don't tempt me. I would love for you to be here!

andrea said...

Ah, that blows. I totally get what you mean. I mean, naturally they would increase the price, but they should at least give a deal (or offer half season) to the loyal fans who have been previous season tix holders. Bummer!

$2500? I would only pay that if he would play with his shirt off. And if I could personally wipe him down with a cool towel after the game. (Sorry, pregnancy hormones.) That man is H-O-T!

At least now maybe America will wake up and join the rest of the world in the love of soccer!