Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ahhh So Cal

It is a P E R F E C T 80 degrees with a slight breeze. Oh yeah. This is why some crazy people are paying $400,000.00 for a 600 sq ft loft. PERFECT. Okay, well yes, there have been a few fires. A little bit of ash here and there, but other than that...

It really is a beautiful perfect day. I was driving by the beach today and there were so many people out there walking. Don't these people work? Don't they have somewhere to be? Must be nice! Wish I could have taken Cucui to the dog beach. She loves it there!

I am happy about the time change. It was so nice yesterday. Eric and I went for a walk after work with Siobhan riding her bike. That little girl likes to go fast. For a girly girl she will push the limits!

Tonight is story time at the library. I read three books this week. Hmmm, wonder what we should have for dinner? With weather like this we will have to start cooking outside. Did I mention it is PERFECT outside?

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