Monday, March 26, 2007

happy, sad. happy, sad

Well my friend of about five years is leaving work. There is a 10 year age difference between us (me being older) but you would never know it. We get along so well. We agree on so many different topics. We enjoy talking politics and have most of the same views. We agree on child rearing which is great because we are strict like her parents and she turned out great! We are both completely down on Wal-mart! We LOVE going to Target! We talk about everything! Kids, movies, husbands, money, anything.

She is going to leave and she is going to work somewhere else. I know this won't be the end of our friendship. It never could. It will just be harder to see her. We go to lunch together every single day. Now we will have to arrange time to see one another.

I am SO happy for her. This is a great opportunity for her, but I will miss her so much! It will be really weird. No Natalie at lunch. No Natalie waiting to get in before anyone else is there and staying until everyone else leaves. No Natalie to tell everyone else they are "racial", one of our favorite things to do. Watch what you say around us.

I will miss her!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. That could be writting that. My friend is leaving me too. We have worked together for 18 years and the last 7 have shared an office and the last 15 worked on the same floor together. It is like losing my other half. Although we rarely went to lunch together because we can not be out of the building at the same time, we would order in and eat together and just laugh and do crazy things. I will miss her. I know how you must feel Di. Sad.