Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a few things

Siobhan is collecting Pennies from Heaven at her school. The change goes to unwed mothers and a shelter that helps support them. I told one of the girls at work and she started crying. "That is so sweet, she is so little". I said well it is the school and I told her "you help them everyday", we laughed over that!

The air is still bad here due to the fires. I thought there were a bunch of bugs by my car, it was ash! My eyes are burning like crazy, asthma isn't so great either.

Bradley goes tomorrow to have all four of his wisdom teeth removed. Should be a fun next couple of days for him! ha ha

I can't believe Christmas is only two months away. Everyone is getting a "Merry Christmas" as a gift this year! (yeah right!)

I think my mom just got back from Hawaii where she runs off to every so often with her boyfriend. Sheez, whatever!

Siobhan has a dance performance in December. They want her to dance with the older kids. Her teacher said she might need her to dance both since she will need her to fill in with the little one's too (She is moving up as of this week!)

Ahh, that is it!

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Nan said...

Diane I just watched the news about wildfire in CA. After I was tike that it's happening in the OC I ran to the computer to check ur blog to see whether it's near ur house or not. Luckily it's not.On the news the fire is pretty scary seems like it cause a lot of damage out there.
I'm really sorry about the smoke and ashes .I hope the air is getting better soon.
YEs! Christmas is coming .I'm starting to look around for things I sent you guys along with Krystal's grad gift (still haven't sent it). Time fly so fast isn't it.
Miss you mucho