Thursday, October 04, 2007

oh, hello there!

How have you been? Really! Glad to hear it!

This weekend my brother David is coming for a visit. I haven't seen him since my dad's memorial service two years ago. He lives in Vermont now. It will be nice to have all three of my brothers in one place!

Work is going well, although I have to work this Saturday. Ah, well.

Diego and I had some work done at the dentist. Seems I need a crown (great!). Diego had a tiny itty bitty little hole in on of his front teeth. Took all of 5 minutes for him to fix it. I LOVE my dentist. He explained and showed Diego every single thing before doing anything. He also let me stand there and hold Diego's hand!

Sounds like Krystal might have herself a regular babysitting job for Saturdays (minus this one of course!). She is doing well at school and enjoys being a Senator.

My mom is going to Hawaii next week or the week after with her boyfriend. Maybe they need someone to carry the luggage next time?

Siobhan is doing well at school. She isn't talking about her preschool as much anymore. All the kids and Eric are off on Monday so I asked Krystal to take Siobhan over to her old preschool and let her visit. I know she really misses her teachers and Katie.

Okay, well it was nice talking to you. Hope to hear from you soon!

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mackeydoodle said...

Your Mom probably has a lot of luggage..I should help too:)