Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A little more please

Okay, so apparently I have gray so tough it will not be overcome by something so simple as hair color! I decided to color my hair last night (after two people whose opinions I trust because they are very upfront said "yea, you should") and do you think my gray got colored? Oh, it wasn't having any of that. Oh no, still hanging out, although less noticeable, I will admit.

So I color my hair last night and check out my horoscope today:
You are feeling extremely good today, and boy oh boy, does it show! Your intense positive energy is amplifying your sex appeal. You are getting noticed in a way you may have never have been noticed before. Expect double takes and slack jaws wherever you go. Are you wearing a new cologne? Did you get a new haircut? Just get your teeth whitened? Whatever physical change you have recently made for yourself is working wonders, so just keep on doing it!

Ha ha too much! I don't even do horoscopes but I read it because it is there on My Yahoo!

Maybe my husband will want to go to dinner or something. With me AND my gray!

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Melissa said...

Hey Di. Okay, you KNOW I've always been a hair person and my hair has been every color under the sun. BUT when it comes to color I have learned (by turning my own hair every color from green to purple) that you really do need to go to a REAL hair dresser. They really know what they are doing and they can cover the gray for you. They teach them these tricks at hair school! :)