Monday, May 05, 2008

Blogging Pregnant

A lot of blogging mommies are having more. I am so glad to say I am not one of those. I love reading about their pregnancies, how they feel, what they are going through. But the idea of sleeplessness nights and totting another baby around, don't miss it. Now, in my defense I have four children. Enjoyed that bliss four times and four times is enough. One thing I will miss, delivering a baby. Having my husband by my side as we wait to see the beautiful baby God has blessed us with. That I will miss. I am old. I am older because I have four children. Anyone who has children knows of what I speak.

Bradley 17
Diego-3 (Four in June!)

In reality it is a lot to deal with. Luckily my husband and I are a team. If anything I am the assistant coach to him. But we handle it. Think about all the different types of issues. If we had four children all around the same age, I actually think it would be easier. We have good children! Really good children. We are strict. We love them. We will give them anything we can as long as they remain good children. They are all very educated in the teachings of the Catholic church and not only know but live the difference between right and wrong. But, they are still children.

Why can't K and B decide what is half of the back yard for picking up fruit? Why D hits S because she told him to get off her bed? Why S seems to whine endlessly lately?

Ahh, but over all, we are blessed with four children who for the most part get along wonderfully. They older one's help the little one's. They like to show them off too.

My husband likes to say he would like one more but I don't think he could handle any more sleepless nights either. A cute baby would be wonderful but I also don't want to push my luck. I have four very healthy children. At some point, you start pushing those odds.

On the other hand, one or two children would never do. I want a big family. I was the last of four children. I had some wonderful (and some not so wonderful) experiences because of that.

To all those mommies out there with bumps, congrats. God bless you and love and cherish your little one. They truly are a gift from God!

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Julie said...

Yes, pregnant is the new black right now.

Gosh, I am soooo old compared to you because my baby is 8 now. I never had good pregnancies or labors, but I loved the moment it was all over and I got the precious baby.