Saturday, May 17, 2008

what is going on with you?

Well I am ending my 4 week sickness. Finally went to the Dr. She said I do have a viral thing but it was also my asthma. I honestly had no idea. I felt asthma fine. She put me on prenisone (steriod) and I feel better. The cough is almost gone (compared to what it was) and although I am still having some trouble breathing, I can actually walk across the room with no problem.

Bradley has it now. The Dr. told him to take some of my cough medicine. Well, he must have reacted to the codine and broke out in hives.

Our water heater broke. So that really stinks! The kids cleaned up all the wet stuff on the floor. Luckily Cucui's 40 pound bag of dog food was on something and didn't get wet. What a waste of a new bag that would have been.

Today my cousin and I are taking Siobhan and Diego to Siobhan's school fiesta. They have rides and booths. Bradley is going to work at the dime toss booth. Service hours!

It is going to be hot today. We already have the air on. It is already 89 at 10:40am. Krystal is making something tasty for dinner. Yummy!

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Julie said...

I am so glad you went to the doctor, glad you are feeling better.