Sunday, May 04, 2008

No dening it, I am sick

It started with a wicked sore throat. Just when I thought I would have strep throat, it went away. Replaced by a bad cough. I croup kind of cough. Sure I had bronchitias, the cough still there developed into sneezing, cloudy head and body aching. Yesterday I rested most of the day. I still feel like crap. I can't take any time off work because I have staff out. Siobhan starts soccer tomorrow. 5PM, still not sure how I am going to do that. They don't realize parents work or what? We got her cleats, shin guards and ball yesterday. She picked a purple ball with big butterflies on it. It doesn't get any more girly than that. Even an all pink ball would have been less girly. It is cute though. I am really looking forward to watching her play. I hope she enjoys it.

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Julie said...

LOL, you knew she was going to pick something girly!

Sorry to hear you are so sick, I feel your pain that stuff is the pits. I haven't been that sick in years and it was awful. Feel better soon