Thursday, May 15, 2008

California lifts gay marriage ban

I, for one, am pleased by this news. I believe marriage should be about love. People who love one another should be able to celebrate that love and share their lives together with all the benefits of a husband and wife. I think it is about time.

There are many people who marry for less than love. Who are you or me to say who shouldn't marry someone else. Rights and respect, that is all it is about.

When I was in high school I found out my best friend was gay. He was afraid for so long to tell me. Me! When he did, "so what". Who cares. That didn't change him, my thoughts of him or our friendship. He shouldn't have to live his life in fear of what shallow minded people think.

As an adult one of my VERY good friends is gay. I have never once wondered if she "wants" me. We are friends. I never wondered if my male friends now want me either. Friendship. It is honest and faithful.

I am so happy. I think gay people face enough problems in people who are so worried about what "gays" are doing. Worry about yourself. Your family. Your marriage. Leave ceremonies who want nothing more than to "shout to the world that I love you and want to be with you forever" alone.

I know there are people reading this thinking I am a freak. The bible. It is wrong. Whatever. They are getting married in the church. It is a civil ceremony. God has nothing to do with it. God has nothing to do with any civil ceremonies. Let people, who are causing you NO harm, be. Be happy. Be together. Be with rights!

God loves us ALL! Quit judging others!


Eric Jasso said...

It's about LOVE people. LOVE. People that oppose marriage between gays say they do so to PROTECT the sanctity of marriage.

With a 50% divorce rate shouldn't they concentrate on strengthening "straight" marriages first?

Melissa said...

I agree. My brother and his partner were together for 12 years before Rob died...longer than alot of marriages last these days. I am a faithful Christian and believe that it is our job-as humans-to love each other! A person's choices, a person's faith is between them and their maker. I believe it is our job to LOVE. It is God's job to judge our hearts.