Friday, May 23, 2008

If you need a reminder:

Of what matters, let me tell you. Today I found out that my friend’s four-year-old son died. He had leukemia. They found out about a year ago. He was doing better. Now, he is not.

Four years old. Four! One. Two. Three. Four. FOUR!

How, as a parent, do you survive that? How do you go on living? How do you manage to make it through each day? Why? Why do it?

When my father died, I thought I would never be happy again. My father lived over sixty years. He was my father. Although he died young, I knew, one day my father would die. A child. Your child. It is not supposed to happen. A parent is not supposed to witness the death of their child.

How do you face each day? Each minute? Think of your children. NEVER seeing them again. Never holding them. Wiping away a tear. Seeing a smile. Hearing laughter.

What matters? Family. Love. Showing that love each and every day. Letting the love guide who you are and what you do.

My heart aches for her. My tears flow for her. My mind can not comprehend the pain she is and is going to continue to endure. I wish there were something, anything I could do for her. Something that would, even for a second, make her pain less somehow. There is nothing. I can do nothing. It has happened, there is nothing left to do.

Rambling, I know. I don’t care. Somehow maybe, just maybe I will say something that makes sense. Something. Anything.

God bless her, her husband and her older son. The pain they are all going through, it just shouldn’t happen.

Take your children and hold them tight. Who cares about the spilled juice on the floor? The messy room? The bad grades? Because all those things will work out. They just don’t matter. Love and family matter! Remember that above all.


Julie said...

Sigh, I agree it is so unthinkable. I also think of Steven Curtis Chapman whose son accidentely ran over there daughter. She died and she was 5, how do you comfort one child and mourn the other? I can't get my mind around that.

Stephanie said...

That is my one true fear, something happening to my children. I can't even imagine what that's like, it makes me sick to think about it. My thoughts and prayers are with your friend and her family.

mackey said...

There is no making sense of stuff like that.
Every Mothers worst fear is losing her children. It is a pain that I beg the Lord to never give me.
BIG ((((HUGS)))) to you Di.
Many prayers for your friend & her family.

drama mama said...

That would be such a horrible thing to go through! I don't know if there's anything worse.

I will say a prayer for your friend and her family.

Melissa said...

No words to express. Prayer is all I can think of. I, like Julie have just been overwhelmed with what happened to Steven Curtis-Chapman's children this week. Children words.