Sunday, November 13, 2011

As different as Night and Day

I always laugh (well not ALWAYS) when I walk into Diego's room. When I walk into Siobhan's room I smile. They are so different. I have posted photos of Diego's bed and Siobhan's bed. This is what they look like each and every day. Siobhan never has to be reminded to make her bed. Diego has to be threatened to make his.

I suppose if I were a better mom I might make his bed up for him, but I am not. Not to mention we have already been through two children and frankly, it isn't worth the bother. I think I will have to continue to "show" Diego how to make his bed though. Enjoy and warned. haha

Siobhan's bed (She only has a shirt there because she had to change right before we left)

Diego's bed

What is that on there? A non inflated soccer ball, a folder, a sweater, some pj's, an extra blanket and I have no idea what that black thing is. It looks like what I put my iPad in in my purse.


Julie said...

Diego's room is clean compared to Elizabeth's room!

Di said...

wait, that is only his bed!