Saturday, November 05, 2011

I finally did it

Today I went and bought some clippers to cut my cat's hair. I looked at reviews, prices, and thought f it. I bought the one they had at K-Mart. It works pretty well. I will post a picture later. Just remember, it works well, doesn't mean I do. Doesn't mean I did a good job. I just gave her a bath last night and now she is going to need another one because of all the loose hair. Poor baby. She was SO good too. She didn't like it. To do her belly, I had to hold her like a baby in one arm. Luckily she is used to being held like that. Oh and the hair color I sprayed her with on Halloween that we thought came off with the bath...nope. Underneath it was still there. That cat had a lot of hair.

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Julie said...

I missed the spraying the cat on Halloween pics. Sounds funny