Wednesday, November 02, 2011

have you heard of My husband told me about it and I love it! This is a screen shot of my favorite room. I am in there somewhere
You choose an avatar and pick a room with music you like and go there. When there is a free DJ spot, you head on up and play a tune. People either think it is "awesome" or "lame". For every person who likes it, you get a point. More points, different avatars. People can "fan" you and you can have favorite rooms. This makes it easier to find people you are a fan of when you are looking for a room to enter. You can create a room, but I haven't tried that yet. You can tweet or FB that you are in a room and it tells what room you are in and what song is playing. I like to tweet when I am playing something really cheesy. If you try it, look me for, CucsMom!


Julie said...

Oh crap! Yet another social media thing to get involved with. You guys are always finding stuff.

Melissa said...

If cheesy music is involved, I will totally check it out!