Monday, February 19, 2007

Family minus one

Yesterday (Sunday) we took the family except for Diego up to Hollywood. We were going to take him but decided that with all that walking, he was, well, going to be a pain. So we packed him off to Grandma's.

Our first stop was Audrey Hepburn's star.

Krystal was very excited. She LOVES all her movies.

After that we just walked around. We went to Graumanns where they are setting up for the Oscars. We did some shopping. Krystal bought a Audrey purse and the owner of the store gave Siobhan a Betty Boop purse for free! How sweet is that!

Siobhan was lucky enough to see the star of one of her favorites.

Perfect picture!

We went for lunch at a little pizza place. Siobhan wanted to know how they flatten the pizza crust. It was a great day! As we were walking back to the car, this guy offered to draw the kids. Okay, I know, toursity but still. For $10 the guy did a great job with a sharpie. I will post it after Eric scans it. So there we are, the guy is drawing the kids, he looks down at the star we are by. He tells me to look down. OH MY GOSH, it is fate! Greg, eat your heart out!


Tink said...

Great pictures! Although I'm jealous of the vacation. Can you pack me along next time?

Di said...

hee hee, I think we saw you there! Life size though!

mackeydoodle said...

You lucky ducks!
**insert envy here**