Thursday, February 01, 2007

My beautiful girl is 5!

Yep, she turned 5 yesterday. Started off with getting cupcakes and party items for her to take to school. We picked her up early and headed to dinner at Chili Pepper. It was us and both grandma's. She opened her presents, they sang her Happy Birthday. Daddy made cool stickers for us to wear that had her picture on them and said it was her birthday and she is 5. After dinner I told her I was taking her somewhere special but I didn't tell her where.

We went to see the play Annie at The Orange County Performing Arts Center. It was great! I highly recommend it! We bought tickets last night at the door and we were in the SECOND row! (Andrea, I swear one of the kids looked like she might be related to you!) Everyone said that she was so cute all dressed up for the theatre. She was! She topped off the night by sleeping on the couch. She loves sleeping on the couch. (I don't know why!)

Happy Birthday baby girl. I love you so much!


mackeydoodle said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl!

andrea said...

Happy Birthday!! Wow, I can't believe she's five!

Oh yes, you didn't know about my secret twin who performs all Annie productions??? ; )

Di said...

Not a twin but maybe a younger (much younger) cousin!

Marna said...

5?! I remember her 2nd birthday party :( What a darling girl you have..