Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What is that wet stuff coming from the sky?

Oh my gosh! It is rain. I mean real rain. Not a few droplets, but actually drive carefully rain. Measurable wet rain.
We get storm watches over rain like this. It is glorious. I love when it rains. Probably because it NEVER does. I mean, they write songs about how it never rains in California and they aren't kidding. I actually drove my son to school today because I didn't want him to be soaked all day.

Okay, so now it seems to have stopped, but maybe just maybe it will start up again. That is how it goes here. Off again, on again. One thing is for sure, lots of kids will have wet shoes and socks today. Our storm drains (in the streets) always get backed up when it actually rains. Which means the streets are wet all the way across. Poor kiddies walking to school.

Rain, Rain, don't go away. Stay until another day.

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Tink said...

You like that (rain)? I sent it to you. First class shipment. We have tons of the stuff in Florida. I'll send you more tomorrow.