Sunday, February 11, 2007

Got tile?

Then I SERIOUSLY suggest you splurge and get one of these. We have white tile with white grout in the kitchen. We have tried everything to get it clean. Bleach, comet, using a toothbrush (sorry Bradley, hee hee) using a scrubber, using bleach pens and nothing worked. I thought, well, here is another $20 down the drain. (It was only $12.99, but I bought all the attachments too).

Of course I have had it for about a month. Yesterday I made a little comet paste and thought "Okay, let's give it a go". OH MAN! I kid you not, our tile looks great! It actually looks beautiful. I don't even want to put the stuff back on the counter because it looks so good it is a shame to cover it up.

As I promote anything that Apple Computer makes, I am all for the Sonic Scrubber. It has a bunch of different heads that can be used for different things. A+

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