Tuesday, February 06, 2007

water, acqua, eau, wasser, agua

No matter how you say it, we have it! We have water. No more going outside to turn on the water to wash dishes, shower or do some laundry. Woo hoo! It has been about two weeks we (Krystal and Bradley but I gave birth to them, therefore I lay claim to anything good they may do) have been tearing out the tile and the wall around the tub. Well all the tile is removed and we had the plumber out last night. He fixed the faucet. We are now regular people who can have the water on all the time.

We had such a bad leak that our water bill showed we were using (wasting) about three times the water as last year this same time. Man. Crazy. But now, all is well. We still have to finish the bathroom but having water, well, right now I feel like a queen. (A queen that can wash dishes and do laundry and wash her hands!)

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