Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dr. Dr. give me the news

I went to the doctor yesterday. I have been feeling dizzy the last couple days and it got bad enough that I vomited. So off I went. Lost a few pounds (could stay to lose like a million more) and blood pressure is great. She tested me for Vertigo, nope not that. Probably something viral she said. Take some medicine she said. It should go away in about 2 weeks she said. TWO WEEKS! She said she could give me some medicine so I won't throw up. Nah, not necessary plus I don't really like to take medicine. I am just kinda bummed there wasn't anything concretely wrong.

She said move slowly (already figured THAT one out), take it easy, rest! Let your blood pressure catch up with you. Well, that is nice. $15 co-pay for what? To find out there is nothing wrong with me. I swear that is why I never go to the doctor. Even when you think you need to, nope!

Oh well, at least I got a refill on my Qvar (for asthma). That is something, right?!


Andrea said...

Um, Di? The only time I've ever had those symptoms was when I was PREGNANT.

Anything you want to share with us??!?!?

Julie said...

LOL, I wish I wear as witty as Andrea.

I don't go to the Dr. for the same reason. Also because they only ever tell me if I lost weight I wouldn't have whatever problem I am having. I need to go for a physical but dread it because it can be such a waste of time.

drama mama said...

I really hate Dr's. They are pretty much worthless these days. Grrrr!

Di said...

ha ha no, Andrea. Do you hear me crying? Because you would! Really.

Julie, I have a great Dr. I obviously need to lose weight but she doesn't say anything. I think she knows that I know!

Drama Mama, you are right!

Mexipino Gurl said...

Ohh chee..feel better! Somethings going around! And that co-pay is way better than mine...$35. Ridiculous!

The little babies are called sugar gliders. So adorable...you guys need to come by for a visit soon.