Monday, December 17, 2007

Who has time for a post anymore? This weekend was jam-packed.

Eric’s mom had knee replacement surgery on Friday. We spent our day at the hospital. She is doing well. She is getting ready to be moved to a rehabilitation facility. Did you know that you have 13 days after knee replacement to get the knee used to moving?

Saturday we went to visit Carol (Eric’s mom) in the hospital for a bit. Then we went to Siobhan’s dance rehearsal. Poor Eric and Diego were stuck in the car for an hour and a half! When she was done, we went out to eat, then back to the hospital.

Sunday was Siobhan’s dance! I dropped her and Krystal off about 12:45. My mom and I went to buy Siobhan some flowers. Her performance was at 2pm. She was brilliant (of course!). Eric took Diego to see his mom and K, B and I stayed to help. The Nut Cracker was at 4:30. We helped backstage until about 6:15. Man were we all tired (except for Bradley who got to sit down the whole time).

I took the kids out to dinner and then we headed home. Krystal and I ordered the same dinner but only one of us was up in the middle of the night throwing up. Lucky for me, it was her. Sorry Krystal! Ha ha

Today we will, of course, go visit Carol again. I am supposed to bake cookies for a cookie exchange at work with my staff. I told them I would probably have to pick them up. I am also supposed to pick up my boss’ gift. Ah, where does all the time go?

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Julie said...

Busy,busy,busy, oh so busy.. A line from my kids musical this weekend and the theme for my life lately. No time to post or anything but I am glad you took some time to blog.

Sounds like you lived in your car like us this weekend.